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What to cook today?

This is the question that every mother wants a simple yet nutritious meal. When the time and ingredients are insufficient, or when the appetite can not be satisfied, the best solution is always the easiest option.

Yellow noodle never fails to get rid of hunger, it also recalls the happy memory of eating fried yellow noodle during childhood. The precious and special memory was created with something as easy as yellow noodles.

However, yellow noodle are now contaminated with perceptions that it is not good because of bitter taste, alkaline odor, dubious cleaning and no halal guarantee. The yellow noodle which is one of the favorite times is getting marginalized as mothers care for a healthier choice.

Gardenia takes on this challenge by submitting more QUALITY OPTIONS - THE YELLOW NOODLE innovation that combines quality with great flavors!

NuMee Gardenia

NuMee Gardenia is the first fresh yellow noodle in Malaysia that is pasteurized, produced by Gardenia. 

Gardenia’s specialty producing bread is applied in the process of research and manufacture of this noodles. Intensive research for over 2 years is a sign of Gardenia’s commitment to providing the best for moms and fans of yellow noodles throughout the country.

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NuMee Gardenia is better because:

  • NuMee Gardenia has gone through the process of pasteurization to remove bacteria / pathogens making it clean, safe and ready to cook. With this process, NuMee should not be stored in a refrigerator and can withstand at room temperature.
  • All the ingredients used are high quality – wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil and alkali water (food grade) to ensure the best quality and taste to all.
  • NuMee Gardenia has no added dye – The resulting yellow color is derived from a reaction of flour with salt water and alkali water (food grade).
  • Less Oily.
  • Better packaging quality – NuMee Gardenia is packed with better ingredients to prevent leakage and contaminated.

To introduce NuMee as the better choice because of its quality and taste. NuMee is suitable for any noodles dishes.

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