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New yellow noodles by Gardenia


The simplest thing in life is most of the time the best. When time and ingredients are scarce, or when mood and appetite are unsettled, the best solution is usually the simplest option. The unassuming yellow noodle never fail to keep hunger pangs at bay and transport you to that happy place once called childhood.

Why Choose

NuMee Gardenia is the first national brand yellow noodle that is fresh and made with high quality ingredients.

  • NuMee undergo pasteurization process
  • NuMee has no added coloring
  • High quality ingredient
  • Less oily
  • Better quality packaging



Majlis Noodling NuMee Untuk Memperkenalkan Mee Kuning Baharu Daripada Gardenia
Majlis Noodling NuMee untuk memperkenalkan mee kuning baharu daripada Gardenia

Fuh! Meriah betul majlis 🎊Noodling NuMee🎊 untuk memperkenalkan mee kuning baharu 🍜 daripada Gardenia. Alhamdulillah, segalanya berjalan dengan lancar.…

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NuMee Cooking Session

Bestnya sesi masak-memasak kami semalam. Sedap pulak tu. Sampai terliur lah tengok. Tentu korang tak…

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