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NuMee Gardenia’s Innovative Production Technology Marks the Evolution in Yellow Noodles

20 June 2019


KUALA LUMPUR – Gardenia today officially launched its new addition, the NuMee Gardenia. Made with the latest technology in noodles production, NuMee Gardenia’s pasteurisation and stability process involved local and international experts to present a better noodles for the Malaysian homes. It is the first pasteurised yellow noodles in the country.


The ready-to-cook yellow noodles lives up to its brand name, Gardenia, by staying true to being a trusted brand in serving the Malaysian homes for more than 30 years. It is safe and reliable for consumers as it is certified Halal by Jakim and is made from the highest quality ingredients. The NuMee Gardenia is prepared in controlled processing environment to avoid any contamination. It is made with new technology with no added colouring, no boric acid, food grade alkaline, less oily and is the first pasteurised noodles in the market. This technology took Gardenia 2 years of research and development to produce the best quality yellow noodles thus far. The pasteurisation process kills bacteria and harmful microorganisms that speed up food deterioration and removes harmful pathogens and bacteria. It is crafted to ensure both its delicious taste and high quality maintained.


“As Malaysia’s first national brand that uses the approach to apply noodle pasteurisation, NuMee Gardenia is committed to creating a better version of yellow noodles that offers great consistency of quality and taste, making NuMee Gardenia a better for you meal,” said Ena Suhaila Abas, Marketing Business Development Manager of NuMee Gardenia.


The launch also introduced a book by celebrity cook and renowned cookbook author, Marina Mustafa, entitled “Only Mee”: 30 Recipes to Bring Joy to The Table. Only Mee features 30 innovative noodle recipes using NuMee Gardenia, inspired by her cherished childhood memories from when she used to help prepare and eat alongside her close relatives. Reason behind the number 30 is to provide one recipe for one day of the month. From snacks to a dish with a foreign twist, “Only Mee” provides a variety of recipes. For example, the hero recipe, OMG NuMee (Original Mee Goreng) promotes a healthier and balanced meal.


NuMee Gardenia is sold at RM1.50 per packet and is available across the nation in supermarket and grocery stores. Find out more on NuMee Gardenia at or on NuMee social media platforms, NuMee Gardenia@numeegardeniaofficial on Facebook and NuMee Gardenia@numeegardenia_official on Instagram.


About Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd (GBKL)

GBKL was established in 1986. Today it is Southeast Asia’s leading bread manufacturer. After more than 30 years, Gardenia operates 8 plants in Malaysia and produces 43 different kinds of products daily, including a variety of bread, buns, rolls, snacks, cakes, spreads and yellow noodles.

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NuMee Gardenia’s Innovative Production Technology Marks the Evolution in Yellow Noodles

20 June 2019   KUALA LUMPUR – Gardenia today officially launched its new addition, the…

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