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At Gardenia, a special Halal Committee is formed to scrutinise every aspect of the Halal regulations and to ensure that all requirements are stringently adhered to. As an added measure to control and safeguard our Halal status, we have appointed an Independent Syariah Advisor whom Gardenia could refer to in ‘syariah’ related matters.


Halal Committee Members:


JAKIM Certification

All Gardenia products are certified Halal by JAKIM. Regular factory inspections are conducted by officers from JAKIM to monitor and ensure that the overall operations are following the guidelines set by them.

Wheat Flour (unbleached), Filtered Water, Salt, Vegetable Oil (based on Canola Seed, without hydrogenation) and Allowed Food Conditioner (acid regulator).

Our product does not contain any additives and preservatives.

NuMee Gardenia can be stored up to 10 days when kept in a room temperature. Best to check expiry date on back of pack before consuming.

It is recommended to finish all at once. However, you can keep the opened pack of noodles in an air tight container and store it in a room temperature.

The noodles are produced by machine at world-class Gardenia factory, in an automated facility, and certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)

You can find the product’s nutritional information at the back of packaging.

NuMee Gardenia’s nutritional information

Not available for NuMee Gardenia.

pack is 450 grams, 100 gram = 190 kcal. Thus, total calories per pack is (450 gram) is 855 kcal.

Just like word “NEW MEE” – Nu…Mee. The NU sound like “new”

You may submit your inquiries or complaint to our website at or call us at our hotline number 1-800-88-3228

Our noodles can be find at all provision outlets that selling Gardenia breads. Other than that, you can also find at other retail stores such as KK Mart, 99 Speedmart, Pasar Raya Sunshine and all Mydin stores (this Key account list will be updated from time to time).

You can contact our Sales Department Personnel at 03 5161 3228.
For Traditional Trade – Mr Norman : ext. 226
For Modern Trade – Ms. Tracy Lee : ext. 251

You can contact our Sales Department Personnel at 03 5161 3228.

No, it is not. For now, it is only available in Peninsular Malaysia only.

It depends on the size of the bulk. The minimum quantity is 300 packet and yes, we do provide delivery. You may contact our Sales Department at 03 5161 3228 for further informationEncik Norman ext 226

You can contact General Line at 1 800 88 3228 or Sales Department at 03 5161 3228 for further information.

There are 2 categories for exchange policy:

1) Shop – Gardenia will collect the product 3 days before the expiry date.
2) Consumer – Can submit your complaint to our toll free / GBKL Website / NuMee FB & website and get a new replacement (with valid reason).

You can get it from our website and also recipe book title “Only Mee”, available throughout all MPH bookstores in Peninsular Malaysia

Yes, it is, our product does contain wheat gluten.

Yes, the product is refined and safe. NuMee Gardenia undergo pasteurization process that kills bacteria and harmful microorganism that speed up food deterioration.

Portion is amount of a food that you choose to eat for a meal or snack – it can be big or small. Nutrition label is a label that are required on most packaged foodsin many countries. It contains nutritional information of a product, and consumers can refer to this label to get the information. NuMee Portion Info: 1 pack of NuMee Gardenia is for 4 serving (4 people).

Our product does not contain potassium.

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to eat while it is still hot and fresh.

You don’t have to rinse it. Our NuMee Gardenia need no rinsing and are ready-to-cook since it is already undergone pasteurization process which kills the microorganisms and bacteria.

Like any other food, you can put it a container and store in refrigerator. It’s because the noodle already cooked and it will not really last long like the uncooked one.

You should store it in a room temperature. It is not recommended to be stored in a fridge as it will affect the quality of the noodle. If you have stored it in the fridge, please thaw it first and after it has reach room temperature you may cook it like usual.

Yes, it is Halal and certified by JAKIM. Our certificate number is : MS 1500:2009 1 085-10/2003

No, it is not tested on animals

Yes, it is recyclable. However, it requires special process. Thus, we are recommending you to put it at “Others” bin. We understand the needs and concern to save the environment. We will find another alternative to switch to easily recyclable material.

You can read it at space at back of the pack where it specifies for “best before”. The format will be day – month – year

No, it did not contain any dairy product.

No, it did not contain egg products.

A packet of NuMee Gardenia is priced at RM 1.50 each.

Pasteurization is a process to kills bacteria and harmful microorganism that speed up food deterioration. It is not harmful, and there are no long-term effects on health.

Because we want to produce a yellow noodle that are not yet in Malaysia market. The ones that in the local market are not pasteurize and we want to give a healthier noodle option to the consumers. We are the first pasteurized noodles product and manufacturer in Malaysia.

Our noodles do not contain any coloring; thus it is a bit pale in comparison to other brand in the market. The color of noodles is achieved through the ingredients reaction of the flour and food grade alkaline-salt water. It goes through pasteurization process that eliminates bacteria, and may potentially alter the color to be a little brown-ish.

Yes, our noodle is chewier. Our noodles’ elasticity is good because it retains the shape even after the cooking, and you can taste the noodles springiness and much more satisfying. It is because we use a premium white Wheat flour imported from Australia. Thus, it is more chewy.

It is the result of ingredients reaction during the pasteurization process which causing slightly more intense smell of alkaline salt water in some of the packs of everyday production. There are few packs that were overly pasteurize and caused it to be extra moist. However, do not worry, it is safe to be consumed and just need a quick rinse to  remove the excess smell before cooking.

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