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Kelentang Kelentung NuMee Witnesses a Pan Battle Amongst Fans and Celebrities

20 JANUARY 2020


KUALA LUMPUR – In celebrating the re-launch of NuMee Gardenia, the renowned brand, Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd, had recently hosted a cooking challenge amongst NuMee’s social media fans alongside their favourite celebrities, the Kelentang Kelentung Numee Cooking Challenge. Hosted by radio presenter, Fara Fauzana (FaFau), the challenge was accepted by celebrities including Nourul Depp, Asrul Zaidi, Kartini Ariffin and Ammar Titan.


Norazllila Sakimin, Norsalina Jalaludin, Wan Rogayah Wan Muhamad, and Norernahezreen Hamzah, were the lucky ones chosen via social media to team up with their favourite celebrity to compete against the opponents team at Culinary Studio iZen @ Kiara 2. Using the newly improved NuMee as the main ingredient, each team was given a list of secret ingredients to be cooked together with the NuMee yellow noodles which were eels, flour, chicken feet and cassavas. The teams were given 40 minutes to complete the dish.


Kelentang Kelentung NuMee Cooking Challenge brings the objective of reminiscing the forgotten recipes which once had brought families together, strengthening their ties at the dining table. This marks the second wave of NuMee Gardenia after its launch in 2019. The Gardenia product now comes with its newly improved recipe, aiming to be the first choice of households around Malaysia.


“After NuMee’s launch, the NuMee Gardenia team had been listening closely to what the Malaysian consumers had to say about the product. We took into account each feedback and went back to the research and development stage to adhere to the consumers’ needs. Flash forward, here we are now, 4 to 6 weeks later with a better and improved NuMee with NO SMELL, NO COLOURING and MORE SPRINGY noodles to cater to the Malaysian homes,” said Ena Suhaila Abas, Manager, Business Development / Marketing of Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd.


When asked about NuMee’s new project, the Kelentang Kelentung NuMee Cooking Challenge, Ena added that NuMee would like to bring forth the countless varieties of recipes for yellow noodles through the Kelentang Kelentung NuMee Cooking Challenge ranging from main meals to snacks. Above all, all the recipes are suitable with the newly improved NuMee yellow noodles.


According to FaFau, all the dishes tasted great. Each of the participants gave their best during the challenge and she personally felt that NuMee’s newly improved recipe was the key contributing factor of the delectable dishes. The winner was the dynamic duo, Norernahezreen Hamzah and Kartini Aziz whilst the other teams received consolation prize.


NuMee Gardenia is sold at RM1.50 per packet and is available across Peninsular Malaysia in supermarket and grocery stores. Find out more on NuMee Gardenia at or on NuMee social media platforms, NuMee Gardenia@numeegardeniaofficial on Facebook and NuMee Gardenia@numeegardenia_official on Instagram.


About Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd (GBKL)

GBKL was established in 1986. Today it is the country’s leading bread manufacturer. After more than 33 years, Gardenia operates 7 plants with 17 production lines and produces different kinds of products daily, including a variety of bread, buns, rolls, snacks, cakes, spreads and yellow noodles.

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